Five Great Whovian Moments with Nerdist Chris Hardwick

It’s fitting that Hardwick’s Nerdist TV special – with guests Matt Smith and fellow Who enthusiast Craig Ferguson – will premiere after Doctor Who on BBC America this Saturday. His Who love certainly deserves its own TV platform, and it deserves its own post. We’ve compiled a few of his greatest Whovian moments:

1. Chris Hardwick Dons a Fourth Doctor Scarf on Craig Ferguson

If you’re on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and your fellow guest is Matt Smith, it’s like church, you must dress for the occasion. This time, Hardwick nodded to classic Who, wearing Tom Baker‘s epic stripey scarf (knitted by @TARDISTara) and a T-shirt emblazoned with a Delorean crashing into a TARDIS. (By the way, do Hardwick and Ferguson have great nerd chemistry or what? You’ll see more of that on Saturday’s Nerdist special.)

Chris Hardwick will be on BBC America on Saturday night, September 24th, at 10/9c with the Nerdist TV special. The guests will be Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith and The Late Late Show‘s Craig Ferguson.

Over on Anglophenia, they have pics of Chris dressed as Ten with Five and Tegan (see above), THAT Comic-Con podcast, and the video exchange with Karen and the Babes. Right this way

And! And! Chris is ours (okay, okay, he’s yours, but also ours, let’s be sharing friends) tomorrow and Friday as he curates This. Tumblr.

If he thought the Thousand Person Orchestra of Whovians singing with him to Karen and the Babes was something, well, he’s about to meet all of YOOOUUUUUUUU. 

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