Livetumblring The Wedding of River Song Tonight!

Hello again! 

We trust you’ve been using Tumblr Savior to filter out the posts you aren’t ready to see yet. May we suggest that you filter for “Wedding of River Song” as well as “The Wedding of River Song” tags? May help a bit - disambiguation and all that. 

Now, then.


We are very pleased to be livetumblring the finale with all of yous tonight from 9-10p EST and then again from 9-10p PST. In between, we’ll put non-spoilerous posts up, along with a Stormy gif that just might be our favorite (come back around 10:25p for that one). 

See you soon! And here’s an image of a flawless person to hold us until the episode. 

Bow Ties of Love, 


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    I love these posts…too bad I’m always a day late!
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    Reblogged for the Darren Criss down there \/
  3. lolabetic reblogged this from doctorwho and added:
    It’s over, but can I just fangirl a little over the fact that THE Doctor Who blog used a Darren gif?? jksdghlxdjgd
  4. ashes-and-dust reblogged this from froggybangbang and added:
    This man is the reason I will remain single my whole life… Every girl deserves a Rory!!!!
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    The fact that this blog uses Glee gifs gmh
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    I’m more excited that Blaine is in this post than the livetumblring XD…

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