BBC America Halloween Contest until Oct 18th! #HalloWHOeen

Today is the day for finding out things. Like that BBC America has a Doctor Who SMS Club, and also:

BBC America is having a Halloween Costume Contest! 

Things to note: 

1. Contest ends on October 18th, 11:59p EDT. (Plenty of time!)

2. Only open to U.S. residents 18 and older (Sadface :( We still love all the Whovians!) Legal stuff about that

3. One winner of a prize in each of these categories: Most Creative Costume, Most Hilarious Costume, Best Characters, Best Villain or Monster, and Scariest Costume. 

4. To enter, send a high res photo of you in your costume to with your name, age, address, and phone number. One entry per person, please. (We don’t make the rules.)

5. Apparently, from Oct 19-31, everyone can vote on the finalists on the BBC America Anglophenia blog. (We’ll point you over there when that happens.)

6. The prize for each category is a sweet $50 USD gift card to the BBC America shop. Who among us doesn’t need a new Sonic or an extra Adipose plushie? 


While this contest is for all BBC America programs, Whovians should win all the awards.

We’ll be highlighting some of our favorite entries - you still have to email the photo to to be entered in the contest, but we’re hoping maybe you’ll want to post your costume to Tumblr too. I mean, it’s not like any of you ever dress up as the Doctor or Amy for any costume events near where you live ever. 

*****Let’s tag things as HalloWHOeen, kay?*****

Here’s one of our favorite entries so far from a Whovian named Holly. Super-romantic story:

My boyfriend Tim and I met at DragonCon 2009, where he first introduced me to the series, thus bringing me into the two loves of my life! Since then, we have costumed The Doctor (Ten) and Rose, and our collection of their outfits includes every episode from Series Two. We’ve frequently been mistaken as David and Billie (to the point of people coming up to grab pictures of Tim in theme parks and other public places) and it’s such an honor for us to play in their characters’ shoes. Some of the greatest friends we have now we’ve met through our mutual love for The Doctor and his Companions, and I know we will keep costuming those two for years to come.   


May we be the first to wish everyone a happy, happy HalloWHOeen. 


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    Entered! I’ll show...little while. But first, I’ll upload some past pictures…
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