Um, guise? Matt says hi.

First, Matt knows about the Doctor Who Tumblr. Also, he says hi. Also, ALSDJASDCJASDLCASDCLD@EO K@EL!!!

In April 2011 we started this little tumblr in order to reblog our favorite fanart, fanposts, animated gifs, and other wibbly wobbly tumblry-wumblry stuff.

And yes, technically that is what we do: reblog stuff. But if you’ve been along for the ride the past six months and two half-seasons, you know that it’s about so much more than that.

Doctor Who Tumblr is about the show as seen through your eyes.

Yes, we love the relationships and the stories of Doctor Who. Of course, we get to marvel over the amazingness that is Matt, Karen, and Arthur. And absolutely, we get to enjoy the brilliance of Moffat and the team from Cardiff. But most of all it’s a chance to be aware of and celebrate each other.

And now — in terms of followers — we’re now 50,000+ Whovians strong(!)

(Hey Karen! We did it!)

How much do we appreciate you? Let’s put it this way.

If you were trapped inside a giant prison puzzle box from your own imagination we’d wait 2,000 years in Roman garb for you.

If you were standing by Lake Silencio we’d discharge our weapon and make time stand still for you.

If senior citizens with poisonous plant breath burped on you we’d drive our van into a very quaint but apparently quite solid house for you.

If you were our FirstNameCaptain Williams we’d totally let you know that you were a Mr. Hottie Nurse and that we’d like to go out with you for texting and scones.

Point is we want to say thank you for the first six months of DW Tumblr. We pay attention to your posts and tags and we see your kind words and appreciation for what we do and we say thank you.

We’ll be here through the Christmas Special and everything beyond. As we’ve said before, we love the breaks because this is when the fandom becomes our own.


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