If there were a Doctor Who Tumblr Twitter account, would you follow it?

If there were a Doctor Who Tumblr Twitter account, would you follow it?

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  4. princessdieistheword answered: yes!
  5. realitybends answered: Redundant redundancy is redundant.
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  7. danceyourbreathaway answered: Completely.
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  9. weneeeeeedmorewax19 answered: yes
  10. themaster6 answered: yes
  11. angelofnerds answered: Absofuckingloutely
  12. jimisillogical answered: Hell yeah!
  13. 00nor answered: Yes.
  14. acehermann answered: If I had a twitter, then yes! But no.
  15. illturnyouintoawinerack answered: I dont go on twitter
  16. dantheman007a answered: Well, yes, of course. Who wouldn’t?
  17. dubmonkeydan answered: Um…”hell yes?”
  18. terriblerose reblogged this from doctorwho
  19. boardgamenerd answered: YES! make it happen!
  20. blueberrynocturne answered: OH yes
  21. leplublub answered: yesss!!
  22. kawg answered: Yes
  23. longliveteamfreewill answered: yes
  24. trueandhonest answered: YES!
  25. oldloverboy answered: If i had a twitter…most definately
  26. auntamy answered: Heck yes!
  27. leafsonthewind answered: Yes!
  28. lifeintardisblue answered: Of course!!
  29. sonicsetting24601 answered: YES.
  30. its-just-kaitlyn reblogged this from doctorwho and added:
    Doctor Donna
  31. fuckyeah3marias answered: For sure!
  32. theblullama answered: Heck yeah!
  33. gingerburger answered: Yesyesyesyesyes!
  34. willbearpoof answered: Yes.
  35. aylashelly answered: YES
  36. the-yg-kitchen answered: yep
  37. chey-ciara answered: yes
  38. pacotako answered: Yes!
  39. clooimx answered: Hells Yeah!
  40. coldponds answered: if yous will tweet good tweets, then I can’t see why I won’t
  41. sugarfloss answered: Yes. Yes I would.
  42. becausewehavetochasehim answered: hell yeah!

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