BBC America greenlights five more specials of The Nerdist

The BBC AMERICA original specials, based on Chris Hardwick’s hit podcast, return in December with a year-end review of all things nerds love.

BBC AMERICA today gave the green light for five more specials of The Nerdist, based on comedian, writer, Doctor Who fan and web pundit Chris Hardwick’s hit Nerdist podcast. The commission follows the successful and buzzed-about pilot hosted by Hardwick, which premiered in September as part of BBC AMERICA’s comedy block the Ministry of LaughsThe Nerdist will continue to be produced by Nerdist Industries and Comcast Entertainment Studios, with Chris Hardwick, Alex Murray, Jay James, Gary Snegaroff and K.P. Anderson serving as executive producers.

The five specials (2x60; 3x30) will air throughout the next year, coinciding with big events for the channel. The Nerdist will feature panelists from LA to London, including celebrity guests, comedians, bloggers, and podcasters, in a comedic roundtable discussion. The first special will premiere on December 24, 9:00pm ET/PT, as a one-hour year-end review of all the things that nerds love from pop culture to tech trends and more.

Chris Hardwick says: “We had mammoth amounts of fun making The Nerdist for BBC AMERICA earlier this year with Craig Ferguson and Matt Smith and can’t wait to make more nerdy nerd nerdness in the upcoming specials. I thank BBC AMERICA for allowing people  further consume our wee podcast with their eyes.”

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