A Whovian wedding for marronmarvel? Any suggestions?

A Whovian wedding for marronmarvel? Any suggestions?

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  2. laffinggasses answered: Rose parting gift. A dalek cake for the groomsman. Good luck!
  3. steampoweredheart answered: Have a TARDIS cake! And blue envelopes for your invites
  4. raida-kick answered: build a TARDIS and have it in there
  5. gooaygar answered: get a bunch of weeping angels
  6. marmarbatatas answered: Isn’t it obvious?! Serve fish fingers and custard! Not only that, but have all the waiters who serve it wear bowties and a fez!
  7. themost-magicalschoolbus answered: TARDIS cake
  8. couragetocontinue answered: some big red buttons
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  10. waywardwanderluster answered: obviously Tardis blue for your main color :)
  11. aninklingofinklings answered: You could have the 4th doctor’s scarf drape the pews on either side of the aisle.
  12. ablogthetitleiselfexplanatory answered: You could could get a tardis cake. Put lots of blue fondant on it :)
  13. winnersticks answered: a TARDIS cake. ofc.
  14. logicblast answered: Have your fezzy friend walk out of a police box at some point.
  15. r0semonkey answered: Cupcakes topped with little candy fezzes and brooms.
  16. velociraptarts answered: Just incorporate a lot of TARDIS blue. :3 Congratulations on the engagement!
  17. fabtrek answered: jammie dodgers!
  18. taikaze answered: They will need a pyramid and a bit of forboding armagedon, but I think it’s doable!
  19. skewedperceptions answered: A TARDIS arch, a cake topper of Amy the singing policewoman and Rory the centurian, or bowties on the side of the cake with a Fez stage atop
  20. gato-01 answered: kkkkkkkkk
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    Yeah, I’ve got a fucking suggestion; don’t steal my idea!
  22. babylon2jerusalem answered: You should definitely check out www.baki…. She’s a total Whovian and master baker. She’d have brilliant ideas.
  23. communism-in-retrospect answered: have the priest, or celebrant if you’re not religious inside the tardis performing the ceremony dressed as the doctor
  24. timeladypoppins answered: I thought about this for mine! subtle ideas: fiberoptics or small lights in bouquets ala the sonic, tardis-blue linens? (too few characters.)
  25. deducehisheart answered: most everything has to be tardis blue. you should have little silence statues (or weeping angel statues) hidden everywhere e
  26. ifeellikea-fool answered: Every guest has to wear something “cool”. Bowites, fezes, stetsons, etc. c:
  27. nateman010276 answered: a tardis everywhere
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  30. interweb-inspired-byshilo answered: have cake toppers be little bow ties, and fezes..

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