I met Alex Kingston!


All my followers probably all know this by know with all my posts…and honestly I think I am still in shock. 

She was so nice, sweet, and wonderful. 

First I got a photo op with her in which I spoke up and got the pose I wanted… don’t mind me looking awful focus on the awesomeness that is Alex. Afterwards I even got a hug. AH!!! I can’t believe I didn’t faint.

Later we got to listen to a Q&A and I got to ask her a question. Not the most thought provoking question but none the less I got to ask one! :) 

Then it was autograph time! I wanted to say so much but I just couldn’t get it out. She is a fantastic woman that has inspired me so much not just in her roles she’s done but in her role as a strong female voice in Hollywood and life. I adore her. Seriously wished I could have said it all. 

I wanted even more badly to drive down to Miami and meet her again but I don’t have the money to get down there sadly.  

I am still in shock. I just can’t believe that happened. 

I would write more but I don’t feel well and I have to get to work… :/

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