the fortress of friendship: This is the story of how I died.


In fangirl talk, yes. I have died countless times. In normal person talk, this is the story of how I became a Whovian.

I first discovered Doctor Who back in 2009 when Charm City Cakes made a Dalek cake! Charm City Cakes had a show on Food Network called Ace of Cakes and that was like MY show. I would watch every new episode as it aired and that one night, they were talking about the Dalek cake. Some of the cake decorators were Whovians, and they were talking about how amazing Doctor Who was and I was like hmm.. Doctor Who. Sounds like such a weird concept, but sounds pretty cool! Also, that year, I started watching Charlie! And he talks about Doctor Who a LOT. The only problem was, I didn’t know where to watch it. It wasn’t until last year, in my first year of college, that I finally got around to watching Doctor Who. My neighbor, Jasmine, had a huge poster of Matt Smith and I was like. DUDE. You’re a Whovian. And then she discovered that I was not a Whovian (yet!), but she was willing to let me use her Netflix account and watch every New Who episode with me and THAT is the story of how I became a Whovian.

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