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So, my dad and brother used to watch dvds of this tv show called “Doctor Who”. As far as I was aware, it was about this guy who travels in time called the Doctor, in a time machine called the TARDIS that looked like a blue telephone box, with a friend, fighting off bad guys- and it was a SCARY show. At least that was what I thought, as sounds of “Are you my mummy?!?” wafted through from the other room. I was never interested in watching it, I mean it was sci-fi, since when was I ever interested in sci-fi?

Fast forward a year or so, one saturday night my brother mentioned that a new series of Doctor Who was on, so I decided I’d watch it. Happens that it was up to “The Lodger”. Great episode to start on, right before the series finale, I know. Basically, I asked a billion questions, it was a bit weird, a bit scary, but very funny.

So I watched it again the next week. WHAT WAS HAPPENING?!?!??!

The doctor’s friend, Amy, who was flirty and seemed to like the doctor, had a fiancee who died…but then came back to life…but she didn’t remember him, and he had a gun inside his hand, and shot her involuntarily…but he was a Roman and guarded her for 2000 years? I had no idea what was going on, but I liked this Rory guy. And there was this woman who the Doctor knew, dressed up like Cleopatra…  basically nothing made much sense- and I didn’t help it much by watching the ending of The Big Bang before I had seen the full episode.

BUT I stuck at it, because I liked the show in general, and could tell there was an amazing logical in-depthness that was there to love, should I work to understand.

So I think I got (got is a terrible word. I “acquired”) tumblr some time after series 6 started. The more I watched the more I understood, and the more I tumbled the more I understood.

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