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I figured today is a very fitting one for me to post my newtoWHO story. Today is a madly exciting and wonderful day for this Whovian. Why? Because this is the very first time I get to watch a new Doctor Who episode on the day it airs.

Before I got to high school I had absolutely no idea that this brilliant show existed. The first memory I have of someone talking about Doctor Who was my grade 10 year but I didn’t realize it until I had gotten into the show! I just remember my friend Emma being distraught because some new actor was going to replace someone on her favourite show, which at the time sounded completely mad. Near the beginning of grade 12 all my friends that love the show, and people on a Harry Potter facebook group I lurked on, had me convinced. I should try it even though I’ve never been a sci-fi fan, and I knew nearly nothing about the show

I bought a laptop after Christmas and decided that it was time I borrowed my friends dvds of the 1 series of the new series…
Off I went…. From the moment The Doctor grabbed Roses hand and said “Run.” I think I was hooked. By “Run for your life” I completely loved both Rose and The Doctor. Doctor Who wasn’t at all what I expected, it was clever, exciting, witty, it was wonderful (cheesy effects and all). I emerged from the show forty odd minutes later and was almost surprised to find myself still sitting at school, wishing I could run into the TARDIS to travel with The Doctor. I rushed to play the next episode and didn’t stop.

Great #newtoWHO story. Click through for the rest.

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