Pretty Sort of Marvelous: My 5-year-old sister who rarely sits through a full episode of any...


My 5-year-old sister who rarely sits through a full episode of any television show, including Doctor Who, just managed to sit through the final two episodes of Spearhead from Space without much said aside from a few questions and was totally absorbed in it. I’m shocked because my 9-year-old sister who loves New Who didn’t do much other than snark about the special effects and lose interest half-way through. Ella (5) hasn’t stopped raving about it since and seems to love Three (or what we see of him in it), she can’t get over the fact it came out the year mum was born. I think it’s safe to say she has a favourite era. I don’t blame her - the plot is far more simplistic than current episodes, and far easier for someone of her age to understand (not knocking any era, I love both).

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