Doctor Who makes Vulture’s list of the “25 Most Devoted Fan Bases”

Doctor Who is listed at #9

Fandoms “ahead” of Whovians include Beliebers, Twihards, Game of Thrones which is listed as #1. Our main hangouts are Gallifrey Base/the Doctor Who News.

But no mention of Whovians on Tumblr?

POPULARITY: Holds Guinness World Record as world’s longest-running science-fiction television show, having debuted in 1963; currently broadcast in about 50 countries; current run launched in 2005, has won 30 BAFTAs, and six Hugo Awards; most downloaded series in the U.S. on iTunes in 2011.    



FAN NICKNAME: The term “Whovian” has been in use since the eighties.

MAIN HANGOUTS: It can take an hour to sift through just one labyrinthine, 30-page thread on the message boards of Gallifrey Base. For more daily updates, there’s the Base’s sister site, the Doctor Who News Page.

AVERAGE DEMOGRAPHIC: In the U.K., Doctor Who was always a family program. However, in the U.S., the show’s earlier incarnations were mostly embraced by sci-fi-loving men who discovered it on PBS in the eighties. But since its 2005 revival, it has steadily continued finding a wider and larger audience; it now has a notably large female following, compared to other long-running sci-fi properties.

DEVOTIONAL PROFILE: From fan-run conventions (Gallifrey One in Los Angeles has staged an event yearly since 1990), to myriad fanzines (the Doctor Who Club of Australia has published more than 200 issues of Data Extract since 1980), and the stylish production of numerous fan films (the third and final part of a reimagining of the lost 1966 serial “The Power of the Daleks” was recently released online), the Doctor Who fan appears to be as resourceful as the series’ time-traveling protagonist.

Of note, Neil Gaiman is #18 (woohoo!)

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