Vulture: Doctor Who vs Community vs Real Housewives Fans Square Off

Earlier this week we posted Vulture’s list of 25 Most Devoted Fandoms. They’ve updated their coverage by hosting a hilarious thought-provoking conversation between three superfans, Barnaby Edwards, a British expat and president of the Doctor Who New York fan group; Kim Rogers, a leader of the "Save Community" movement; and Brian Moylan, a pop-culture writer who has been recapping the Real Housewives for three years…

Vulture: I’ve gathered you all here today to argue over which of your favorite shows is the most worthy of an intense fandom. Let’s respect our elders and begin with the oldest show, the 49-year-old Doctor Who. Barnaby?

Barnaby (Doctor Who): I actually come from a place where Doctor Who’s been a part of my life since I was 6, so it really is like family. And I can honestly say that there is not a single episode of Doctor Who that I do not enjoy; no matter how dreadful, I can always find a piece of pleasure in it. And if I’m ever down, I can look through a great big list of episodes that go from drama to tragedy to comedy to adventure to action and find something that fits my mood. There’s always a Doctor Who story for it. That’s a pretty special thing.

Kim (Community): Fifty years; yeah, that’s amazing.

Barnaby (DW): You only wish you’d get five.

lol. The conversation also included exchanges like this:

Barnaby (DW): I actually tend to stick people right in the middle myself. My jumping on point for Doctor Who is always “Blink.”

Kim (C): Well, that’s a good one, too, like “Remedial Chaos Theory.”

Barnaby (DW): It’s absolutely, interestingly enough, like “Remedial Chaos Theory.”

Vulture: I don’t know if I like how well you guys are getting along.

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