I’m ready?


I’m there.

After 2 months, I am finally at The Angels Take Manhattan.

I’m ready but not ready.

Wish me luck.

We’re all here for you.

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    I just watched it and I WASN’T READY FOR THE FEELS
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    You’re never ready. Not really.
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    I’m not ready.
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  13. undeadgodbetas answered: GOOD LUCK!
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    our heart shall always be with you
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  16. mrcontroversy answered: Oh the feels…stay strong and come back to Tumblr. We’ve gone through it, and we know how to keep sane.
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  18. fawadfever answered: we’re all here for you <3
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  20. jasachi answered: Bring two boxes of tissues and some chocolate ice cream when you start wheezing.
  21. joannshopgirl answered: Good luck, we’re all counting on you…and I have a shoulder should you need it.
  22. lovely-enigmatic-lady answered: It was 25 days for me, now I’m about to watch it..
  23. incomprehensiblemetaphor answered: Just remember that it will be okay. And if you ever feel like you will be able to get through it without crying, remember it’s Moffat.
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