Quick poll: Would you rather us split up the last group of answers or do you want to read all of Matt and Jenna’s answers today?


We need to know if you’re loving this on your dashboards…

UPDATE: Okay, we’re going to keep going and get through them in the next hour. Thanks for the quick feedback!

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  2. allyouneedisbraff answered: yes
  3. thesinkingsailor answered: keep em’ comin’!
  4. thedefinitionoflovejn316 answered: today!!!!!!
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    Doctor Who Tumblr: follow this blog, you will love it on your dashboard! I really like the Doctor Who Tumblr’s sense of...
  6. shortversionnotdead answered: Today plz :)
  7. that-ginger-8itch answered: split them up! please :)
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  11. roryslittlegirl answered: Keep posting !!! Please….
  12. hopefullyheavencomestoday answered: all of them today.
  13. stories-to-live-by answered: real awncers!!!!!!!
  14. psychopizza answered: KEEP GOING FOOLS
  15. bigbirdinasmallcage answered: split up, I have to study for finals!!

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