Guise, so Halia Meguid, the voice of The Siren in Curse of the Black Spot is on Tumblr.

We’ve mentioned this before but it’s absolutely never not worth mentioning again. She posts amazing “covers” of music from Doctor Who. And, of course, she’s a massive Whovian. Her tumblr is dustyteeth.



AT LAST! A NEW DOCTOR WHO COVER! This is the first one I’ve done in about a year, with original lyrics, and it’s especially surreal and cool because this is a cover of the as-yet-unnamed track I originally sang myself in the episode “The Angels Take Manhattan.” Music by Murray Gold, I did the words. I hope you like! 

AMELIA (from Doctor Who: “The Angels Take Manhattan”)

The city roof
is tipping down.
The evening’s high, 
lights litter ground.

I close my eyes.
I pray to stone. 
Do angels weep
when they’re alone?

This is farewell, 
the last there’ll be.
My waiting’s done now.
Remember me. 

The smoky sky,
the bullet stars…
I walked them once,
They seem so far.

You call my name,
begging me back.
“Remember silence?
Remember cracks?”

Now that i’m here,
Can I just say:
I’d love to come back,
But not today.

This is farewell, 
the last there’ll be.
My waiting’s done now.
Remember me. 

Somewhere back there,
before the world,
beside a house,
there was a girl.

She ran away -
at least she tried.
He never came.
She never cried.

Since I am here, 
May I just say:
I’d love to run now, 
but not today.

This is farewell, 
the last there’ll be.
My waiting’s done now.
Remember me. 


If stories end,
if we should fall, 
we fall together,
or not at all.

This is farewell,
the last there’ll be.
My waiting’s done now.
Remember me. 

Thx for reminding us, daysandhours!

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