(If you’ve seen this text before, it’s because we wrote it and pasted it into the wrong post. Wibbly wobbly.)

Thanks for watching the U.S. premiere of Doctor Who: The Snowmen with us!

We’re queuing up more posts right now while we watch Matt Smith on The Graham Norton Show on BBC America (and yes, we’ll probably watch The Snowmen again when it comes on in one hour. And again on the DVR. And again after that. And once for Boxing Day.)

Doctor Who Series 7.2 will return in 2013 but we’ll be here on this blog every day between now and then and forever because the offseason is when this show belongs to the fandom.

We’ll have some exciting things to announce really soon including new meetups, new giveaways, new 30-day challenges, new newtoWHO stuff — even new posts from Matt and Jenna(!)

And it’s all because 2013 is going to be a REALLY big year, with new episodes, a new companion, and the 50th anniversary of the greatest tv show in the universe.

Some we’ll announce soon, some will have to wait. But we’ll be working with BBC America, Doctor Who Facebook, Anglophenia, the team in Cardiff, and — well, ALL OF YOUS to make sure that next year is nearly bigger than the inside of a magical blue box.


Happy Holidays and see you soon.

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