Where'd you get your Sonic Screwdriver?

Seeing as today is Sonic Sunday everything has been a little more sonic including our inbox.

The most repeated question is Where did everyone get their Sonic Screwdrivers?

Our usual answers are BBCAmericaShopThinkGeekForbidden Planet (UK), and Amazon UK and US but what about yours?

Where did you get your sonic?


Answer below or via reblog for everyone to see.

  1. destiny5377 reblogged this from destiny5377 and added:
    11th’s at abc shop and riversong’s at one if the games shops
  2. imjustahorse reblogged this from doctorwho and added:
    well, when i regenerated into my new form, the energy output was too high because this was my 18th regeneration which...
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  6. beelzebozo answered: Which one? I got my 2 10th Doctor ones through my shop and my 11th Doctor as a Xmas present
  7. tilther answered: I’ll be totally honest: they don’t sell any of these in Italy. No such shops where I live. Too bad D:
  8. katwaterflame answered: There’s a store called “GayMart” in Chicago that sells all sorts of things! That’s where I got my sonic screwdriver and my psychic paper! :)
  9. kingof0kay answered: I got the customizable one from ThinkGeek and the other ones from the TARDIS.
  10. yeahhthatryan answered: Amazon US
  11. causeyeolmydestiny reblogged this from doctorwho
  12. hummingbird-hooligan answered: Mah BF got me 10’s for Christmas :3 It’s brilliant
  13. rbgianfar answered: ABC shop in Aus:)
  14. baskervilleain answered: ThinkGeek
  15. macocoa-naeggnog answered: all 3 as gifts. One I know was bought at a Hot Topic, and the other 2 on the internet. Don’t know which site.
  16. babettesm answered: Forbidden Planet Comics and Books-a-Million
  17. tardisblue907 answered: Think Geek
  18. brodieman1000 answered: Got mine on Thinkgeek 2 years ago, I love it
  19. thejackofmusic answered: As this years Christmas gift
  20. door answered: World of Mirth (a toy store in Richmond, VA) has a nice little stock of Doctor Who items. Mine’s from there!
  21. eamon1916 answered: My daughter bought me 10’s sonic for my birthday one year…
  22. travelsintheeveryday reblogged this from doctorwho and added:
    This one is from my roommate for my birthday! :) And I got this in the Limited Edition Giftset. So great! :) Happy...
  23. dnangelkitty answered: Don’t have one… yet. =]
  24. distruction-machine answered: barnes and noble had the 3 sonic set on sale right after christmas!
  25. braxtoncomix answered: I got mine at Hastings. It was the 10th Sonic and was a pen. Decent price, $21. But then I got the 11th for Christmas. Even better!! =3
  26. thenerdkinginthenorth answered: Thinkgeek and Amazon
  27. edenor answered: ebay…
  28. making-excuses answered: Outland, a comic book store in Norway.
  29. zelda1997 answered: Christmas bc my brother is awesome!
  30. tanteiotaku answered: I got mine at an anime convention. Anime Weekend Atlanta,to be precise.
  31. oddrun answered: nexus (iceland)
  32. captainnumbnut answered: Tennant at the ABC shop (Australia), Smith at supernova, Mk3 will be constructed in my TARDIS?
  33. shit-hips answered: John Lewis sell build your own Sonic Screwdriver kits
  34. thatrandomnerdchick answered: I got it at Supanova, at the Popcultcha stand.

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