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I met up with a friend yesterday and we went to a vintage store to look around. They required us to take off our backpacks and leave them at the counter to discourage shoplifting so we handed them our bags, and the cashier said to me: “Wow! I really like your TARDIS plush.”

Immediately, I freaked out and went into gibberish Doctor Who mode and sprouted some nonsense about how much I loved it and then asked her whether or not she watched the latest episode. She responded saying that she still wasn’t over it and that she misses the Ponds, and I had a emotional breakdown of sorts and went into another small rambling mode about the Weeping Angels.

Before we left, I showed her that my plush TARDIS would make the TARDIS sound, which my friend described as a “pterodactyl fart”, and the cashier said she expected to see me after Christmas and I freaked out and said yes.

I love meeting new people who are into Doctor Who. n___n

So….. did you go back?

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