fullcirclefan: Where do I start watching Doctor Who?


So, since there will be no Sherlock until Fall *sobs*, I need something to do. I am embarrassed to admit that I have never seen Doctor Who. I KNOW, I KNOW. So, help a gal out. Where do I start?

Go leave fullcirclefan your suggestions!

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    I love you.
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    I started a year ago with the 11th doctor (Matt Smith, the current and very adorably awkward Doctor). I started with...
  5. mydoctorwillcome answered: start with the ninth doctor in series 1 (new who, not classic) then the tenth then the eleventh :) use sidereel, netflix, or tubeplus.me
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    You can find it on Amazon Prime to view in streaming. I *think* it’s on Netflix too. If it’s too confusing: there is a...
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    Girl in the Fireplace is one of my faves! Just wait til you get to the David Tennant episodes! Wow! You have such...
  9. sibunalina answered: If you have a lot (and I mean a lot) of spare time, you could start with the first doctor, but you could also start with New Who.
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    It’s not a sin to not begin with “Rose.” I’m positive that I would not have continued with the series if I had begun...
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    Start with the beginning…season 1 in the new series and spend this entire weekend watching until you get caught up…it’s...
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    One could arguably start with the movie, so “The Master” has any meaning whatsoever. Also, a little bit of McCoy and...
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    This seems to be the cardinal sin. I have begun with “Rose.”
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    Rule #1:
  17. kallianacorus answered: Start with “Rose”… Do NOT skip 9… You might cringe at the special effect in “Rose”, but it is worth it… 9 is important, 9 is amazing…
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