les-espirit-descalier said: for those of us who wont get to see the new episode for a couple of days yet, which tag will you be using so that i can temporarily block it (using tumblr saviour) until it screens here in new zealand?

We’ll tag our livetumblring posts ‘The Bells of Saint John’ and ‘Spoilers’. (We’ll mention it again in our livetumblring announcement later today.)

If anybody needs instructions on how to use Tumblr Savior, see THIS POST.

Alternately, you can just not use Tumblr for the next day or two.


(Yeah, right.)

Or you can unfollow the Doctor Who blog and then refollow us after you’ve seen The Bells of Saint John. (We’re 100% totally cool with this and totally understand.)

But really, you should just install Tumblr Savior because every Whovian will be blogging about the show today.


Remember that the UK broadcast starts at 6:15pm GMT (2:15pm EDT) today, and the US/Canadian broadcast starts at 8:00pm EDT so if you’re following any Whovians outside of your timezone, you’ll see their posts in your dashboard. 

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