There are THREE Doctor Who Premieres on BBC America tonight: Companions Special, Third Doctor Special, Spearhead from Space

Because we’re not done with Doctor Who Premiere Weekend which apparently is now a thing, we have three new shows you should be ready for:

Doctor Who: The Companions - Sunday, March 31 at 7/6c

All-new special, Doctor Who: The Companions, premieres Sunday, March 31, 7:00pm ET/PT. As the Doctor’s newest companion, Clara Oswald, steps into the TARDIS, take a look back at previous companions that have won over the Doctor’s heart in Doctor Who: The Companions.  Along the way, companions old and new talk about how the show has changed their lives, and how they’ve never quite managed to leave the TARDIS behind. Matt Smith and David Tennant are joined by fellow contributors including John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Arthur Darvill (Rory) and Noel Clarke (Mickey).

Doctor Who Revisited: Third Doctor Jon Pertwee - Sunday, March 31 at 8/7c

Take an in-depth look at the third incarnation of the truly timeless Time Lord, who brought action and stunts to the series. With exclusive interviews with lead writer & executive producer STEVEN MOFFAT, executive producer CAROLINE SKINNER, Tenth Doctor DAVID TENNANT, Season Six guest star HUGH BONNEVILLE (Downton Abbey) and more

Classic Who: Spearhead from Space - immediately following ‘Revisited’

The TARDIS arrives on Earth in the middle of a meteorite shower and the Doctor is found by UNIT troops and taken to a nearby hospital. The Brigadier is faced with having to cope not only with the mysterious meteorites but also with Ransome, an ex-employee of a local plastics factory, who claims he has seen a walking mannequin.

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