If you could time travel RIGHT NOW, would you a) correct an action, b) acquire something, c) relive an awesome time, or d) go forward to see what’s going to happen? If you’re obsessed as time travel as I am, share your time machine comments/videos here & tag ifihadatimemachine. They’re gonna collect them and put them on http://www.timemachinetales.com. Also tweet with hashtag #ifihadatimemachine and Doctor Who will read them, visit your home, and bite your arm.

Anyone fellow sci-fi nerds wanna go live on YouTube while watching the new season premiere of Doctor Who? It’s Saturday, April 23rd at 9/8c on BBC America. Are we allowed to do that? I guess we’d have to turn down the volume and point cameras away from TV-screen.

Thanks Iggy35 for killer light effects turned around in about an hour!
And yes I was up to 5 am screwing with this custom musical score because I like sounds. Do you?

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