Doctor Who Day Thing #2:

Speaking of SuperWhoAvengeLock, if you could crossover any Doctor with any Companion from any era or series of Doctor Who, who would it be?

  1. Post your ideal crossover. Explain why. Be creative.
  2. Use the ‘Doctor Who Day' tag.
  3. We’ll reblog a few
  4. but we’ll also (separately) pick three at random to win a pair of Doctor Who socks. (If you win, we’ll contact you via your ‘ask’.)

For legal reasons, the sock giveaway portion is only open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States including the District of Columbia. Read all of the official terms and conditions here. If you win and you are under 18, you will need a parent or guardian to sign for you.

But the crossover posting portion? That’s open to everybody, obvs.

So let’s go!

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    I dunno. This is hard. I’d like to see Martha with Nine or any of the other Doctors with Susan. No real reason,...
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    I would LOVE to see Ten and Amy. LOOOOVE IT. They’re also both Scottish, so that’s a plus. Amy is definitely childish at...
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