Limited edition Doctor Who Regeneration DVD set to be released in June

Regeneration: a limited edition collectors’ book, including over 1000 minutes of Doctor Who adventures on DVD will be released in June, can exclusively reveal.

The Doctor Who Regeneration set is an individually numbered, beautifully packaged, coffee table album including six DVDs of Doctor Who adventures – including fan favourites like The Caves of Androzani and The End of Time, plus an advance release of the First Doctor’s final adventure The Tenth Planet.

The set is adorned with superb photography from across the era and features detailed and informative accounts of each regeneration. The collection features each Doctor’s iconic regeneration episode; from the First Doctor played by William Hartnell, exhausted after battling the Cybermen to Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor suffering from radiation that had been unleashed by the Great One; and from the spectacular transformation of the Ninth Doctor to David Tennant’s emotional farewell as the Tenth.

And if that wasn’t enough, new to DVD is The Tenth Planet featuring the Doctor’s first regeneration – beautifully restored with the missing fourth episode now brought to life with stunning animation. Utilising the original soundtrack, off-screen photographs and a short surviving sequence of the Doctor’s regeneration the episode has been now reconstructed in animated form, incorporating the restored version of the surviving sequence.

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