ASDFGHJKL!!! The kid sitting next to me in class forgot to set his phone to vibrate


and he just got a text message and HIS TEXT TONE WAS THE SOUND OF THE TARDIS!

And I’m just sitting here, with my computer that has a giant freakin’ Tardis sticker on it trying not to squee in joy. 

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    reblogged for the gifs. and in hopes that this will happen to me someday.
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    No I am not. Nor am I a “kid”. However the TARDIS is my text tone. I like to run off in a random direction whenever it...
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    Emily? Are you a boy?
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    I’ve been looking for a really great TARDIS landing sound for my ringtone but all the ones I rip are really crappy…sadly...
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    Lol samesies.. and the majority of my contacts are Doctor Who characters, including my home phone being the TARDIS and...
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    mine too :D
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    First - WILF!!!! My text tone is “EXTERMINATE”. My ring tone is the Doctor Who theme. (from Nine/Ten era)
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