Congrats to mangostarburst for winning our autographed poster from Doctor Who: The Snowmen!

Congrats to mangostarburst for winning our autographed poster from Doctor Who: The Snowmen!

So we held a contest this past weekend to give away the centerpiece of the Doctor Who Tumblr office at BBC America: our poster from ‘The Snowmen’ autographed by Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Steven Moffat, and Caro Skinner.

To enter, you had to go out and do something nice for somebody. Nothing about ‘Doctor Who,’ nothing about following or promoing our blog, just something… nice.

After collecting hundreds of posts on Friday and Saturday, the winning post was chosen at random and we finally got confirmation yesterday!


Last weekend during my volunteer at the hospital, I was going through the hospital rooms giving out the patient menus for the next day. I got to this one room and inside was this elderly lady. She looked like she was struggling to open something. 

Turns out she was trying to open her fancy lipstick container but couldn’t because she was shaking so badly. So I opened her lipstick and started to talk with her. 

She was so excited because her “one true love” was going to visit her. But she was also so nervous because they couldn’t be together for reasons she did not want to say. Not to mention she was a shaking mess in her hospital bed. 

So I just sat next to her and talked to her for a good 30 minutes before I was called back to the volunteer lounge. But the lady said I was the only person to talk and listen to her that intently. This is why I love volunteering so much¬ making a difference while learning more about the world. ^-^

So congrats, mangostarburst!

While we’re sad to see our poster go, we’re glad it’ll have a home.

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