During our last contest giving away our autographed poster from Doctor Who, many of you sent us messages of concern that we were giving up our favorite part of the Doctor Who Tumblr office.

That was so cool and sweet and completely unexpected.

And it got us thinking — what could we put in its place?

And that’s when we realized… we want a new set of autographs. YOUR autographs.

Make a fan sign, a new piece of fan art, a selfie with your sonic, with your TARDIS, with your friends, in cosplay, not in cosplay — whatever you want with your Tumblr url (and a short message if you’d like.)

Post it to your blog using the tag 'the doctor who tumblr asked for my autograph'.

And just to make sure that we receive your post, you can also submit it through this form: http://bit.ly/15RHIXe

We’re going to grab the images off of this tag (one per blog) and use them to create a ginormous poster that we’ll put on our wall.

A few tips: keep your message short, use a thick marker or crayon to ensure that it shows up when printed (we think each image will be about the size of a 3x5 index card), and use good lighting so that we can see your face (a simple desk or table lamp should do.)

We anticipate being able to assemble and print this out the weekend of the Doctor Who Series 7 finale but we may push that deadline back if there’s good reason to.

We want EVERYBODY who works on the show who walks through the doors of BBC America to see how much love there is for this show and for this fandom.

And thank you!!! We can’t wait to see our new poster!!!

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