Hmm. Maybe we should make tomorrow another Doctor Who Day.

… with it being the Season 7 finale and all.

Last time we did Doctor Who Day we decided to do whatever we wanted. We shared Sonic Sunday pics on a Saturday, and dreamed up alt Doctor x Companion crossovers….

Looking back even further, we’ve done 30 day memes, alternate universe Doctor Who memes, scavenger hunts, Tee Tuesdays, we’ve asked you to help us eat cookies, we’ve done Whovian Wednesdays, Fan Art Fridays, we’ve even hidden contests inside of other posts

So what should we do tomorrow? More of the same? Something new?

  1. theloneponyboy answered: r u my mummy?
  2. moriartykiss answered: something old, something new, something borrowed… something blue!
  3. greglestraqe answered: Today should be a Regeneration day. All the regenerations of the doctor in gif form, quote form, anything we can find! :D
  4. randyrandii answered: I was gearing up to paint something for you guys, but I’ve burnt my hand and I won’t be able to finish it now. :( It’d be nice to have a day!
  5. noahtopper answered: Maybe sending in pics of what people are doing for the special day?
  6. phoenixtsukino answered: Everyday should be Doctor Who Day.
  7. memoirsofwho answered: I have to work tomorrow while Doctor Who is being premiered. How messed up is that? It should be a national holiday!
  8. perforatedsanity answered: How about SHOW US YOUR SHIRTS! or something?
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  13. doxblogsstuff answered: I’d love to see another round of ‘hipster post’ or Doctor Who.
  14. kandinskynosabepintar answered: With 50th anniversary so “close”… how about a short note of what whe love of DW?
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  16. onehartbig answered: yes
  17. spoopywhouffle answered: Best doctor who themed food!!!
  18. literallysleeping answered: Post what You think the doctors name will be or if hell even have one!
  19. kor818 answered: Everyone try to guess the Doctors name before the episode?
  20. starry-dreamer reblogged this from doctorwho and added:
    Maybe something to do with The Doctor’s name? Or Clara?
  21. jovencuervo answered: Make a massive post with the names of the Whovians. THE NAME OF THE WHOVIANS.
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