gaila said: Okay Official Doctor Who tumblr account, you are awesome and I am very much looking forward to seeing the liveblogging along with the show. That being said, I'd like to recommend Tumblr Savior for the followers who may want to be on Tumblr at the time it airs here on the East Coast yet don't want to be spoiled. I'm not sure if that kind of recommendation is allowed, but it's very handy!

For anyone who doesn't know, Tumblr Savior is a greasemonkey script that allows you to choose which words and phrases you want to be hidden from your dashboard, and it doesn't have to be a permanent block because you can always go back and remove those words from the blacklist. It's also available as an extension for Chrome and Safari, and I know from personal experience that the chrome extension is very easy to use. Not to mention handy when you're say, on Tumblr at work while everyone is watching TV.

TL;DR Love Whovian Tumblrs, but Tumblr Savior is helpful.


Tumblr Savior for Firefox

Tumblr Savior for Chrome

Tumblr Savior for Safari

Tumblr Savior for Opera

Please help SPREAD THE WORD.

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