#These three quotes are impressively indicative of the Doctor’s personality in each incarnation #Nine was cold and broken from the war always seeing the worst and blaming the ‘stupid apes’ #until Rose came along and started to fix him - started to make him better and showed him how fantastic everything actually was #And most importantly that he’s not this horrible person who committed genocide and killed his whole planet and people #He did what he had to do and despite it all you know what? he was fantastic. #Ten on the other hand - so incredibly human #He felt everything on such a deeper emotional level than any of his previous incarnations #‘the one adventure i can never have’ with the one person he was essentially made for (and because of) #He’s probably the only version who has ever or will ever want the potential of that adventure #And finally Eleven #Eleven who was born out of Ten’s despair and his ‘I dont want to go’ #Whose levels of self-hatred are so high that he locked himself and Amy and Rory in a dream state just to essentially kill himself #Who opened Door 11 in the hotel and said ‘who else?’ #He doesn’t let anyone close anymore - even Amy - and hides behind his childish exterior and ‘bowties are cool’ distractions #He knows the only one he will have left is the TARDIS #Amy and Rory are married and he’s already seen the death of River Song #Eleven is definitely a madman with the only companion he has left - his blue box #ugh my heart #WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY (via winterinthetardis)



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