There’s a lot of stuff in this shot.
Anyone see anything interesting?


There’s a lot of stuff in this shot.

Anyone see anything interesting?

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  1. countthelions answered: is this on the same planet as The Doctor’s Daughter?
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  4. tbunks answered: What the fuck is going on?
  5. urbandistance answered: I SEE IT!! OMGEEE *looks away* oh wait…what was I just saying?
  6. antouziast answered: A tardis ?
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  8. titanicbme answered: Little room in the back kinda looks like a possible tardis!
  9. somewherelost answered: it almost looks like there’s a cloaked person to the left if you look very closely.
  10. crosbyshane answered: I can see the Doctor hiding with some lady. If you look carefully you’ll see them.
  11. strange-but-special answered: the back of Matt Smith count?
  12. dirkmanlee answered: AHH SECOND TARDIS!
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  14. wassupdude answered: Isn’t that Bellatrix Lestrange? A Who/Potter crossover?
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  16. myrandom-crazyworld answered: Too much to comprehend at once! I can’t wait for this ep!
  17. detective-smartass answered: Define ‘interesting’ for me first. xD
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  20. amimitfernweh answered: …no? what?
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    OMG I THINK I SEE IT. If you think you see it, message me and we can put together theories together!!!
  22. smultronstallets answered: I don’t know about you guys, but I see the crackling sexual tension between The Doctor and his “wife”.
  23. citrusapples answered: Anything.. interesting? OH MY GOD DON’T TELL ME THERE’S A SILENT THERE THAT I’M FORGETTING

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