David Tennant On Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

via sfx.co.uk:

When SFX catches up with him, it is on the Stirlingshire set of his upcoming comedy of errors,What We Did On Our Holiday, which sees him appear opposite comedy legend Billy Connolly and former Bond babe Rosamund Pike.

Naturally, though, we could not help but ask the performer about his comeback toWho-lore with the upcoming50th Anniversary Special, in which he returns to the role that made him a household name…

So how does it feel to be back in the role that made you a sci-fi icon?

“Well it is all done – I’ve filmed everything. Now I just have to wait for everyone to see it. But, yes, it is lovely to have returned to something that meant so much to me and that was such a happy time. I am grateful that it was a happy time again. There is always that danger of going back to something and it does not turn out quite how you remember it, but that was not the case with this…”

Was it easy enough for you to slip back into the role?

“Kind of. When there is more than one of you, as is the case this time, it becomes a slightly different character. The Doctor tends to lead every scene he is in and when you are sharing that out it becomes slightly different. You have a new relationship with that aspect of the character and that gives you fresh challenges to work on. But it was really good fun actually – and that was a big part of what I enjoyed about this.”

Read the rest of the interview here

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