LiveTumblring “Rebel Flesh” Tonight (and more episode info)


ATTENTION WHOVIANS (and those New to Who):

   Tonight is “The Rebel Flesh,” and we will be liveTumblring here as usual. During the 9-10pm EST slot, look out for spoiler posts. You already know from the promo caps this one’s scary.

   We’ll put up some posts during the break after 10p EST, and then have new posts late night. Always, your gifs and quotes and art make us very very happy harmony harmony oh love.

(Meanwhile, Tumblr Savior it up if you feel so moved until the episode airs in your timezone.) 

After the rapture tonight – since it now looks like we’ll all still be here next week – Memorial Day weekend, BBC America is celebrating with a Doctor Who marathon. And I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. but the bad news is that  there will be no new episode for us Americans next weekend.

But the good news is that the following Saturday, June 4th, we here in the US will see the next new episode, "The Almost People".

Also this small note: this means that starting next weekend, we all need to be extra careful with those sparklers for spoilers on Tumblr.

Stay safe and we’ll see you in a few hours.

Rapturously yours,

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