Pages Torn From Time

Sketches of the Eighth Doctor, whom I love so ridiculously much! Also featuring Charley (Charlotte Pollard), the companion he refused to give up even though the laws of time and Time Lords demanded it.

I adore these two. The world needs more Eight and Charley! More Eighth Doctor, period. He is one of the sweetest, most adorable, enthusiastic, charismatic and passionate Doctors ever, though the pendulum can too easily swing to a darker, colder nature full of snark and weary of battle. And need I mention he is also played by PAUL MCGANN! *___*

If you need more convincing of his adorableness, here is an audio snippit of him rummaging through his bottomless pockets in search of sunglasses for Charley: LISTEN NOW

I highly, highly recommend the Big Finish audio dramas. They are utterly amazing and addictive, and are keeping me sane through work and the wait for the 50th.  And there’s no better time than now to start listening! Big Finish has discounted Eight’s first season to only $3 an episode!!  I recommend starting at the beginning with “Storm Warning"  ^__^

EIGHT NEEDS MORE LOVE, PEOPLE!  Give him a chance and he’ll run off with your heart. And drink all your tea.

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