Bad Wolf: Doctor Who 30 Day Challenge


Hey guys!

i’m creating a Doctor Who Challenge for November, kind of a countdown to the 50th years Aniversary. The idea is making every day something related to Doctor Who,

  • Day 1. Speak like a Dalek all day long
  • Day 2. Carry a sonic screwdriver and use it frequently
  • Day 3. Use Doctor/Companion clothes in your regular outfits
  • Day 4. Respond using only in Doctor Who Quotes
  • Day 5. Serve other people like an ood
  • Day 6. Listen the complete Doctor Who soundtrack (Season 1-7) if you have classic Doctor Who soundtrack even better.
  • Day 7. Gif your favorite episodes
  • Day 8. Do you smell chips ? Go to eat chips with a friend
  • Day 9. Do not blink around statues
  • Day 10. Make a Doctor Who maraton
  • Day 11. Use regeneration quotes instead of saying goodbye
  • Day 12. Tap the sound of drums all day
  • Day 13. Eat bananas
  • Day 14. Flirt while greeting someone, Jack harkness style
  • Day 15. Make Doctor Who Fanart
  • Day 16. Use (Fantastic, Allons-y and Geronimo) catchwords all day long
  • Day 17. Count the Shadows.
  • Day 18. Wear tally marks in your arms.
  • Day 19. Pick someone special and call him Sweetie all day.

 the thing is i’m running out of ideas, would you help me?

Ideas, anyone?

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    Day 20. Carry a mop around and wear a feez (if you own one) all day, and quote the eleventh Doctor “Feezes are cool” Day...
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    Day 20: Say actors names instead of numbers Day 21: Eat fish fingers and custard Day 22: Draw the crack from Amy’s wall...
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    I will do this…

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