4th Runner Up: Pinewood Derby TARDIS by Jason of Uxbridge, MA!

Two TARDISES built to run in a pinewood derby for cub scouts. The first Tardis was overweight and the second smaller TARDIS ended up being made to actually run. It did come in first in one of its races. Although not really built for speed it does hold its own.

Also can you think of a better place to have a TARDIS? When i first had it there many kids were asking what it was (even a few parents) now I know if we do get the screening in our area many who go will be cub scouts. I think it would be pretty cool to turn a new generation onto The Doctor and his cub scout blue TARDIS.

That’s ok Jason — who needs to win every derby when you can travel all of time and space!

All this week we are counting down the seven finalists in the Where’s The TARDIS contest with the grand prize winner revealed during the Saturday BBC America broadcast of ‘A Good Man Goes To War’. The grand prize includes all 47 years of Doctor Who *plus* an exclusive premiere screening in their hometown!

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    Wow… The T.A.R.D.I.S Has Become So Popular These Days I
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    Makes me wish I did this way back when I was in cub scouts (not that I even knew what Doctor Who was back then).
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    That’s sweet! I wish I was that creative
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