We're Too Old to be Misbehaved: 50 Days of Doctor Who 50th Challenge


This is an extremely convoluted story but it’s mine. So pay attention!

I grew up in Hawaii, and though I was of the age when Doctor Who (the classic era, with Tom Baker, Peter Davison, etc.) was airing on select PBS stations across the country, for some reason Doctor Who never made it halfway across the Pacific Ocean. Either that, or it must have aired when I couldn’t watch. Because at the same time, I was absorbing classic British comedy like a sponge. I became a fan of Monty Python and PBS made me into an Anglophile, something I am to this very day. 

I never even saw an episode of Doctor Who until I met my boyfriend, who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, which had a PBS station that aired Doctor Who religiously. He loved the Doctor, and his Doctor was Peter Davison. Once when I was staying over at his house, he suggested that since I loved classic sci-fi and I loved British TV, I should start watching Doctor Who. I watched his dad’s only Doctor Who box set (ON VHS FFS), the Key to Time. I figured it would be a decent way to introduce myself to the show, since it was an ongoing storyline. So Tom Baker was my first Doctor and Romana was my first companion and The Ribos Operation was my very first Doctor Who episode:


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