Hey Australia, How Are You Celebrating Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary? | Kasterborous

Fans will be able to don their 3D glasses and take their enjoyment into another dimension as Doctor Who celebrates its 50th anniversary with special 3D screenings of The Day of the Doctor at 87 cinemas across Australia!

The hotly anticipated feature-length episode of the world’s longest-running and most successful sci-fi series will be screened at Events, Hoyts, Dendy, Village and Independent cinemas around the country on November 24th.  In addition to Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman, the one-off 75 minute special stars former Time Lord David Tennant as well as Billie Piper and John Hurt. In this special event to celebrate the iconic British drama series, fans will be able to enjoy the episode and specially shot introductions for cinema audiences all around the world.

Cinemagoers will be able to find their nearest screen by checking participating cinema chains’ websites www.eventcinemas.com.auwww.villagecinemas.com.au,  www.hoyts.com.au and www.sharmillfilms.com.au

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    I really wish they would do a viewing that wasn’t 3D for those of us who are visually impaired. It is unbelievably...
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