After listening to Moffat stating earnestly that the reason she saves him is to save the love of her life even if it comes at a great personal sacrifice, I don’t know how The Doctor could have said anything other than that he loves her.  

He’s a stranger to her but not only is he whispering his feelings in her ear, but he’s behaving as if he’s in love with her.  As much as Amy and Rory were good friends to her, this is a woman who was kidnapped and raised by monsters with a single mission in life — murder.  And here she is face to face with someone who is selflessly fighting for her when, from her perspective, he should have absolutely no reason to. He’s dying and all he’s trying to do is save her.  Help her. Teach her.  All this for no other reason than that he cares.  

How could anyone go through life knowing they have killed the love of their life?  So she saves him.  She’s choosing to believe that her fate is to love him rather than murder him.  Because up until this day, she believed she had no other choice.  Suddenly, she is seeing an entirely different future for herself and she knows the only way to save that future is to save him — the man who loves her and who she will love.  The complete opposite of everything she’s been conditioned to believe.

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