sharksinspace: Highlights of my day...


Highlights of my day:

  • sitting next to a non-fan (who was there with his friend and their tiny sons who are all fans) who was nonetheless genuinely interested in learning about the show and the fandom and kept asking me things
  • the aforementioned sons (dressed as Ten and Six) apparently loving my costume but being too shy to say something
  • getting all the trivia titlecards correct and impressing the non-fan next to me
  • being impressed myself because that guy’s kid (the one dressed as Six) actually was getting most of them right too
  • some guy leaning in and saying “NICE ADRIC SHIRT!” in an oddly conspiratorial tone as he walked up the stairs next to my seat
  • delicious macarons from Cako.  This has nothing to do with Doctor Who, I just wanted to mention how delicious they were.
  • missing my stop on the train ride home because I was too busy tweeting about Doctor Who
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