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I need help. I want a tattoo in Circular Gallifreyan. However, 1. I don’t know what it should say (though I’m leaning toward something like “Human”) and 2. I don’t know where to find anything canonical. Can anyone help me with this?

  1. pursuingacolourfullife answered: This isn’t official, but maybe it’s interesting nontheless.. drawlingnell.deviantart…
  2. inconvenientplaces answered: If you ever find out let me know and don’t mind me if I steal your tattoo idea.
  3. onecrow answered: The Oncoming Storm?
  4. steve616 answered: I would suggest this desgin from the Fob Watch in season 3 bbc.co.uk/doctorw…
  5. missmirandawho answered: Something about hearts would be cool i think :) Or your last name
  6. skycreator answered: Bad Wolf?
  7. mi7 answered: how about,hello sweetie? The had in in on the show written in Gallifreyan. And I saw in online written in Gallifreyan.
  8. improbablenormality answered: I only do aurekbesh, sorry.
  9. christopher-isherwood answered: How about the symbols on the Doctor’s crib?
  10. lifeisnotcuredlifeismanaged answered: I have a Gallifreyan “alphabet/ word” post i’ll reblog right now for you to see.
  11. starkiller92 answered: Personally im a fan of the “Time” symbol, im getting it tattooed on my shoulder
  12. r3fract answered: I’d personally go with the design that was on the fob watch seen in “Human Nature” and “Family of Blood”.
  13. friskk answered: Tattoos are forever, m’dear. What you should do is mull it over. See what means important things to you and then WAIT another year.
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  15. pcfcrm answered: if you find numbers as well, your birthdate might be a cool thing to have. (and btw, high-five on Gallifreyan tattoos)
  16. get-toknowmeon answered: where are people getting these symbol meanings from?
  17. icarusforde answered: First in the picture linked by tehwhovianhufflepuff is Human - that should help ya!
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  19. tehhufflepuffcompanion answered: Sadly, I don’t think there’s too much actually put out by Doctor Who, there is the DA post going around: tinyurl.com/3wdqak6
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  21. zagafryon2 answered: That’s impossible right now since the only circular gallifreyan word known to whovians is the doctor.. (as far as I know…)
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