Hand made Doctor Who board game. 

How to Play


The game begins with all the characters (maximum number of players are six) on Earth, and each needs to get to the TARDIS. Each player will roll a die and move the corresponding number of spaces. You must first reach the place on the game board lwith the picture of the TARDIS key. You need a key to enter the TARDIS. Watch out for Aliens along the way, as they won’t always be helpful to you getting to your destination. After you retrieve the key, you may make your way in the direction of the TARDIS. The first person who makes it to the TARDIS with their key in possession wins!


Game Rules


You must move the exact number of spaces necessary to land on the TARDIS and win.

If you land on the same space as another player, nothing extraordinary happens. The game continues.

If you step on the place with the picture of the prison, you are locked up until you successfully throw a six with the die.


Alien Spaces


Cybermen – You will be Deleted!

If you are the Doctor: Lose one turn making a speech that will save the universe

If you are a Companion: You are saved, but transported to a parallel universe. Move to any other Cybermen space on the board.

If you are an Alien: Go back three spaces to avoid The Doctor.

Dalek – You will be Exterminated!

If you are the Doctor: Lose one turn to regenerate.

If you are a Companion: Run! Go back five spaces looking for The Doctor.

If you are an Alien: Lose one turn and recover from the effects from the Sonic Screwdriver.

Weeping Angel – The Angels have the Phonebox!

You have to start over. Return to “Start” and loose the TARDIS key, which the angels have stolen.

Silence – Silence will fall

You can step the same amount as you did in your previous round.


Sonic Cards


The contents of these cards may either help or harm you, so it is your choice whether to land on one of these spaces. If the card gives an instruction, it must be followed immediately. If it can be used when you land on an enemy square, you may chose when to use it.

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