Need Help Pls: Questions for a New ‘30 Days of Doctor Who’

Like we said before, we have a lot of surprises planned to start around next weekend’s Comic-Con in San Diego — things both IRL at the convention center and things we want to do on Tumblr.

Some of it will be exclusives, some of it will be announcements, all of it should be at the very least interesting if not actual fun. Either way we’re dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying to share them with you.

But for one of these things, we need everyone’s precious precious halp…

…we need your help coming up with questions for a new 30 Days of Doctor Who leading up to the second half of Series 6.

There have been at least three great DW 30 Days in the past year or so:

and they were all so good that we thought might as well have the questions come from you. (Also: we need a new tag for this round… what should the tag be?)

So either way, submit your Q by answering this post and don’t be anon b/c we want to credit each person with the question they came up with.

So yeah… what questions would you include in a new 30 Days of Doctor Who?

  1. panic-at-the-dildos answered: is the tardis actually that big on the inside?
  2. wecouldstealtime answered: Top 30 best monologues.
  3. smashingrocksinthe answered: Where is the Doctor & River story going to go?
  4. frakkincylon answered: The Sontaran nurse. Must have. lol
  5. theepilougewascrap answered: What is your favorite villian?
  6. musicstudentinireland answered: Favorite Rory and Doctor Moment
  7. deandcas answered: A minor character in an episode who you would like to make a come-back?
  8. mutedstring answered: Most ridiculous faces.
  9. doctor-potter answered: Can you post pictures or GIF’s of the doctor and Donna
  10. froggybangbang answered: Favorite bad-guy’s quote
  11. okwari answered: If images of angels can bring them back, where are the photos Sally Sparrow gave to the Doctor, and where are her copies?
  12. whoilluminatedpotter answered: Your favourite thing about the TARDIS?
  13. keoughla answered: Is there a possibilty to regenerate into a past regeneration?
  14. havenofcalm answered: Person you want to see Captain Jack Harkness flirt with the most?
  15. crisson answered: Favorite Doctor/Rory Moment?
  16. thetrekkiehasthephonebox answered: What other accessories will be cool this season?
  17. highv answered: How awesome is Rory?
  18. broccoliicecream answered: 1.Favourite Master? 2.Favourite male companion? 3.Favourite villain-of-the-week? 4.Favourite place the Doctor ever went to?5.Fave spin-off?
  19. awaris answered: Favourite part of the Whoniverse outside of the show itself? (a spin-off, book, audios… whatever)
  20. truewhoamance answered: Least Favourite/Most favourite baddies. Could do it over two days.
  21. somethingsonic answered: What is your favorite Doctor Who Fan Theory?
  22. thebookmunkie answered: In “The End of Time” who/what do you think The Weeping Angels of Old were?
  23. johnhurt-thewardoctor answered: favourite Doctor outfit
  24. talesofcowardlyulysses answered: Here’s 2 ideas (Sorry if they’re already in there!) 1. What’s your favourite costume? 2. Favourite BBC endorsed Doctor Who book/audio book?
  25. othellodesdemona answered: What do you think Doctor Who’s real name?
  26. kenseiandthedragon reblogged this from doctorwho
  27. imisser answered: favorite doctor who catchphrase?
  28. only-a-time-lords-hearts answered: Favorite S6 cliffhanger?
  29. deepwinterstrawberry answered: "What is your least favorite accessory the Doctor has worn, and why?"
  30. ohmypreciousgirl answered: Probably a favorite moment for every season of New!Who
  31. doctorwho reblogged this from doctorwho and added:
    Just a reminder that we’re looking for new questions for a new 30 Days of Doctor Who. Submit em if ya got em.
  32. swimintardis answered: Why does Math Smith’s doctor talk to the TARDIS more that all the others?

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