Writer Tom MacRae on Matt Smith and his upcoming Doctor Who episode

Writer Tom MacRae, who [like Matt Smith is from Northampton] has written an episode called The Girl Who Waited for the hit BBC programme, which is due to take to the screens again in the autumn.

He had previously written two episodes of the show when David Tennant was playing The Doctor, but told the Chron that writing for his friend, Northampton-born actor, Matt Smith, added a whole new dimension to working on the programme.

He said: “It’s wonderful writing for Matt, he’s such a fantastic actor and a genuinely lovely guy.

“He’s about the same age as me, we’re from the same town and we’ve got a lot of friends in common, so it was great to work with him.

“And as The Doctor, I admire him so much. I’m a huge fan of what he’s done on the show, I would say he’s ‘my Doctor’.”

Mr MacRae’s episode will be screened later this year and will revolve around the Doctor’s assistant, Amy Pond, played by Scottish actress, Karen Gillan.

“It’s a real tear-jerker of an episode and it’s very much focused on Karen.

“Her acting in it is amazing. I know she’ll break the viewers’ hearts in two when they watch it, it’s so emotional.”

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