Day 02: What is your favorite episode of Doctor Who (and why)?

My favorite episode of Doctor Who is ‘A Christmas Carol’ with Eleven, Amy and Rory.

I love it because it’s one of those episodes where the Doctor has to figure something out in a short span of time, but just because he’s THE DOCTOR, he’s going back in time into established events, which is one of his giant No-Nos, to make sure not only his companions, but an entire ship full of people (as well as those on the planet below) aren’t lost forever in a giant crash just because of some old angry fart who doesn’t care about anything but himself and his money. And it’s really great fun listening to the Doctor pep up Kazran for his first kiss - that was hilarious.

Also, role-playing!Amy and Rory is really kind of funny. There’s also a guy who looks like Geordi LaForge on the ship. And there’s actual snow this go ‘round. AND FLYING FISH AND SHARKS. That’s just amazing.

PLUS…the Doctor’s hair looks FANTASTIC throughout the episode. I’d just like to point that out.

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    My favourite too.
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    A Doctor Who episode with steampunk. :D
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    I did like this episode. It was like, my first episode. I had heard mention of the series before and remember itty bits...
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