Nix the Popularity Contest

#2 Instead of us reblogging a bazillion 30 day posts, we’re going to ask you to help us pick the best answers to reblog: Browse the ‘30 days of summer break doctor who’ tag and like and/or reblog your favorites. We’ll go through and pick one every couple of hours. If that doesn’t seem right, we’ll change it up for tomorrow.

Nix the popularity contest. Our idea for reblogging these is that there are episodes and series out there that some of us might never see unless our friends let us know just what we’re missing.

We’re also reblogging b/c we think that if you see someone who thinks the same stuff you do about the same things you do, you just might want to follow them.

This is not a celebration of popularity… it’s a CELEBRATION of QUALITY.

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    I just love how the Doctor Who tumblr team just GETS tumblr. YOU ALL ARE OUR PEOPLE AND WE APPRECIATE THAT.
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    Thank you. It was kind of disgusting to think only people with thousands of followers would be featured. I like that I...
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