So, I have a large(ish) blank canvas sitting around doing nothing and a pack of unopened oil paints and paintbrushes…

I’ve also just seen the teaser for series 8 of Doctor Who (IT STARTS IN AUGUST ASDFGHJKL; *dies*) and I’ve decided and want to paint one of the three screenshots that I’ve taken (see above). 

BUT I have a problem… I don’t know which one! hELP!

Tell me what you think? :) I mean, I’m moving house in the next week and I’ve decided that doing an oil painting is a GREAT pass time, considering I’ll have no internet! Haha!

So, uh.. Yeah… Drop me an ask or something? Or just answer this?

What does everyone think?

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    You should do the first one ^^
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    Id say the third
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  12. indigosinger answered: I would do a combo of one and three! the lighting is cool in the first, but the explosions are cooler in the third I think :)

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