How big was ‘Doctor Who’ on Tumblr on Saturday?

Since we’re talking numbers, we should mention that we asked Tumblr analytics firm Union Metrics to tell us just how big the fandom was on The Day of The Doctor…

And the answer came back in a single sentence:


Because of you, Saturday, November 23, 2013, The Day of The Doctor, was the biggest television event they’d ever seen on Tumblr.

5.0 million posts
4.9 million reblogs
3.1 million likes
1.0 million contributors

It was bigger than the VMAs, the Super Bowl, and the Grammys…


We’ve always said that the Doctor Who fandom on Tumblr was bigger on the inside. Now we all have a better idea of just how big that inside is.

And what’s amazing is we’re still growing.

Congrats, Whovians.

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